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Purity of
active ingredients

Reference ingredients recognized by dermatologists and provide every guarantee of efficacy and tolerance.

High purity active ingredients

Quality demands when selecting active ingredients of high purity to ensure tolerance.

Of natural or physiological origin to ensure perfect affinity with the skin.

Pharmaceutical excellence safety

Belong to a French family-run pharmaceutical laboratory
As an independent key player in the healthcare sector for over 100 years and based on our pharmaceutical cultural heritage, TOPICREM goes beyond what is required by cosmetics standards with a quality control laboratory that meets pharmaceutical standards and pharmacopoeia quality water.

100% made in France
TOPICREM products are developed and produced in France in our own R&D and production facilities.

Strict formulation charter
TOPICREM trusts in European legislation, one of the strictest in the world. However, the brand decided not to formulate with questioned ingredients as a precautionary measure. And we will reformulate our products regularly to replace controversial ingredients.